Indian Creek Corgis
Indian Creek Corgis - DeGraff, OH

Meet Our Corgi Crew :
                ~Gone Much too soon~
​        Your Paw Prints are still on our hearts!​

Have you ever met that one dog that you just knew was special, from the very beginning? This is Butter! What can I say, Butter is the all-time favorite Corgi ever! From being our school’s adopted mascot; and filming promo videos, commercials, and photo shoots, to just being a beloved part of our family. He has the "old school" corgi, heavy working farm dog build, that I love. He is extremely smart, quick, and willing to do just about anything that is asked of him, without hesitation. His puppies are much of the same, and have made a huge splash all across the US. Including the “famous”, Loaf The Corgi, in New York City!


 This is Scout! Scout comes to us from Teresa Rose, in North Carolina. His pedigree is champion packed, and it shows both inside and out. He is the bred for the modern show look. With a near perfect conformation, and second to none disposition, we expect big things from this little guy! He loves attention, and is the lap dog of the family! And he is already giving Butter a run for his money, as his daughter Minion has quickly risen to fame and has stolen the hearts of everyone, in the big city! Scout is extremely impressive!


This is Sadie! Sadie comes to us from the extraordinary Excalibur Corgis, in Florida. She has the sweetest personality that just makes her shine! She is definitely the pleaser of our corgi crew!

This is Rosie! Rosie comes to us from Missouri. Rosie is our professional snoop!! She enthusiastically enjoys investigating everything she can possibly stick her nose into! She is always in the middle, and a total bundle of fun!!

​Meet Alice! Alice comes to us from Tripple M Corgis, in Michigan. She is quite the doll. Alice has a happy go lucky personality, and is a bundle of energy, always looking for a new adventure.

​Minnie came to us from Excalibur Corgis, in Florida, and is gone much too soon. Not a day goes by that we do not miss Minnie. She has definitely left her paw prints, forever on our hearts!

​This is our little Muffin! Muffin is an Indian Creek Girl! She a is Butter x Vegas, and definitely took after both. She looks like dad and acts like mom, and we absolutely adore her! She will do anything for a belly rub and just keeps us laughing! 


​Meet Twinkle....our little STAR!!  Twinkie is an Indian Creek Girl! She a is Butter x Alice, and definitely took after both. She looks like mom, acts like both mom and dad, and we absolutely adore her! She is a total clown, a super sweetheart, and the fastest dog in the field! 

Our dogs are a huge part of our family. Every one of our dogs have been hand picked, from top lines from all over the US. They are champion pedigreed and beautiful both inside and out! Health, Disposition, and Breed Standard, are the fundamental building blocks of our breeding program. We believe in educating ourselves and educating our puppy families, and we strive to uphold and better the breed.